Each consortium partner has developed digital storytelling videos for engaging communities in promoting heritage and fostering partnerships with cultural heritage institutions. Following is a short description of the contents of the videos and the respective links to watch them online.

Concrete heritage architecture in the Czech Republic

The video presents 5 reinforced concrete buildings in the Czech Republic, from the first reinforced concrete frames to the 1940’s shell structures, to show the development of the technique. The selection of the buildings reflects also the variety in typology and architectural expression that reinforced concrete is able to serve. A commentary about the specifics of the restoration of this modern but already historic material is included.

A plea for reuse of 20th century concrete buildings: Cases from the Netherlands

The short video underlines how buildings in historic concrete (1890’s – 1960’s) – factories, warehouses, schools, etc. – are beautiful, sustainable and belong to our heritage. Interviews with architects, contractors and users of some of the case studies considered in this research show that old concrete buildings can be effectively re-used, keeping their original function or being adapted to a new one. All actors agree that the (adaptive) reuse of these buildings should be technically appropriate and respectful of their aesthetical, historic and social values. Change as little as needed and preserve the original fabric to link the past with the future!

Reuse of historic concrete buildings: The case of the Nicosia Old Municipal Market

This digital story explores the importance of the Nicosia Old Municipal Market through both its contribution to the area as a social space, as well as in general architectural terms. It does so by using archival material, as well as interviews carried out with stakeholders from the competent authorities, architects and old users of the space. The
documentary ultimately wants to raise questions regarding the role of such spaces and challenge the way decisions are made over their future.

A story of modernist architecture: The first concrete multistorey buildings in Nicosia

This video focuses on the first concrete multistorey buildings in Nicosia, i.e. the AMANI building, the Pedieos Complex, the Lyssarides building and the Alex. Demetriou Tower. Through interviews and archival material, the video addresses technological, architectural and sociological issues.