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We are conducting an online survey to find out the perception and knowledge about modern reinforced concrete buildings. We kindly ask you to fill in the survey and share it among your contacts. The questionnaire is directed to the public directly or indirectly involved with cultural heritage and the cultural and social dimension of 20th-century concrete structures.
Please, click on the survey links below to fill in the questionnaire.

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4th Meeting

The 4th meeting of the CONSECH20 project was held last week (June 25, 2020) via video-call. The meeting had to be carried remotely due to travel restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The discussion focused on a questionnaire to survey the public perception of the 20th-century concrete architectural heritage both at the professional and public level. The outputs should help in defining the values of the buildings (societal, cultural, artistic, etc.) and the perception of their state of conservation.

The discussion was also focused on the preliminary results of the survey carried out in the case studies in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, and The Netherlands and on the formulation of proposals for selected case studies.