CONSECH20 focused on urban contexts with divergent geographical, cultural, political, and economic features. Case studies in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, and The Netherlands were selected. The aim was to gather a representative selection of architectural styles, materials, structural systems, conservation state, social relevance, etc. Public, municipal and state-owned buildings with social interest mostly built until 1960 were primarily considered.

The different categories of buildings defined for CONSECH20 were:

    • Buildings that have undergone past conservation/re-use interventions (lessons from the past), and
    • Buildings in need of conservation/restoration for future use – conservation proposals were formulated for these case studies. 

The surveys performed in the selected buildings were done using the following monitoring tools:

A total of 48 buildings has been surveyed during the project and all the information gathered can be found in the CONSECH20 Database:

The Database is open to the public for including new buildings. A brief manual on how to use it will be posted soon.