• Sport Palace of Genova (Italy)
Policies and strategies

The project will study governance strategies that embrace an integrated approach with full stakeholder/ community engagement and explore the potential for social enterprise models that facilitate local community involvement in caring for and running 20th cent. cultural heritage services.

Social engagement

An interactive open-access platform for documenting and sharing knowledge, targeting local communities interacting with selected case studies, will be created. The platform will be open to the public who will be encouraged to contribute with information, photos etc. All the data collected will be presented in the form of open-access GIS and linked to existing databases dedicated to modern architecture in Europe.

Atlas of terminology of deterioration patterns

An Atlas of standardized terminology of deterioration patterns in early concrete buildings and materials will be further developed. The atlas will be made available in all the languages of the consortium.


The project will empower inspectors in performing visual monitoring and mapping of ongoing deterioration mechanisms in early concrete buildings using the Monument Diagnosis and Conservation System (MDCS), an interactive support tool for the inventory and monitoring of damage to monumental buildings. The MDCS includes an Atlas of concrete deterioration patterns’ terminology and will be further developed for supporting practitioners in defining the state of conservation of early concrete materials and systems.

Conservation proposals

CONSECH20 will develop conservation proposals for selected case study buildings in need of restoration. The proposals will respect and conserve the original characteristics of the buildings (structural typology, materials, etc.) and their historical significance. All the proposals will include a preventive maintenance and risk mitigation plan to protect future users from natural disasters and offer enhanced service life and durability, bearing in mind the guidelines issued by the International Charters for Restoration and Conservation of heritage buildings.

Participative communities

CONSECH20 will develop digital story-telling narrations about selected case studies with the participation of the local communities, thus promoting innovative ways of
cultural inclusiveness,  social cohesion and relations between the communities and their heritage.